Program Description
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The Camp:

Our camp consists of four divisions: Kindercamp, Junior, Senior and Teen Divisions.

Our Sensational Kindercamp:

Sensational Kids Kindercampers experience a safe and nurturing atmosphere.  Our program offers age appropriate fun activities, which will enrich each child’s growth and development.  The camp experience will provide the opportunity to model positive self-image, social development and free expression through creative play, arts and crafts and music.   Please note: In the interest of safety, all Kindercamp programs are camp-based and do not include trips taken by the Junior, Senior and Teen Divisions.   (All Kindercampers must be toilet trained)

Our Sensational Program:

Sensational Kids daily program is designed around a weekly theme.  The campers participate in well-planned, creative activities intended to become the sensational highlight of each camper’s week.   Our daily program consists of creative arts and crafts, exciting sports/games, dance/movement and water activities. Our scheduled programs are geared for all children and are non-competitive.  These programs are carried out in a safe and caring environment.

Our Sensational Trips:

Our trips are not only fun but also educational.  We plan weekly trips that are safe
and enjoyable to various destinations throughout the Metropolitan Area.  Some of the exciting trips we have experienced are:  The Bronx Zoo, Museum of Natural History, Central Park Zoo, Long Island Game Farm, The New York Aquarium, Old Bethpage, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters, The Circle Line (The Beast), Fun Station USA, Q-Zar and many more….